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St. John of God Email Group -- SJOG-News

what is it ?

SJOG-NEWS is an email group hosted by Google Groups. It is an additional way for the SJOG community to communicate. When you belong to the SJOG news group you can automatically receive emails with notices of upcoming parish events or other events or items of interest to the community. As a member of the group, you will also be able to initiate messages to the Community.

who can post messages ?

All members of the SJOG community can post messages once they have become subscribers to the SJOG-News group.

how does a member post a message ?

The easiest way to post a message is to send it to the group as an email. Compose the message as you would any other email but address it to

how many emails will I get if I subscribe ?

This is not a high volume group. It is your choice whether you get an email each time someone posts or whether you want all postings for any one day to be combined in a single digest email sent at the end of the day. But getting messagea individually can make it easier to spot the subject matter.

what messages are appropriate to send ?

A good rule of thumb is that a message is appropriate if it is the kind of announcement that would appear in the bulletin or as an announcement after Mass. (But you can get the news out on a more timely basis and with more detail than is feasible in those venues.) Clearly, for example, announcments of events or meetings sponsored by SJOG ministries are appropriate, but you also can use this service for announcments of other events or items that would, in your judgment, be of interest to members of the SJOG community. Posting an occasional link to an article you think is timely and interesting is ok as long as is not posted as a discussion item.

what would be inappropriate?

This email group is not intended to serve as a blog or a forum for ongoing discussion of issues. It is ok, of course, to point out that an announcement needs clarification (for example, the meeting place or time was not specified). If the announcement requests RSVPs, it probably is best to respond to the person who posted the notice rather than the whole group. The objective is to keep this group focused on being a source of notices. The email group is also not intended to be used for routine commercial notices. However, informing the community, for example, of housing needs or of a service that might be particularly helpful to members would not be amiss. Soliciting signatures or e-signatures in support of a particular position is somthing that would be more appropriate for a "discussion" forum and not for this "news" list.

how do I subscribe to SJOG-news

To join the St. John of God email-list (a Google group) please fill out the form below and click the "Join List" button.