Contractors who built


Volunteers who did whatever it took


Eric Alschuler

Mel Annuzzi 
Randy Mak

Michelle Bogden

Pat Cool

Kevin Curran
Bernie Curran
Jeff Ibarra
Make Gavney

E A Electric

Annuzzi Concrete Services


Russell Hinton Company

Curran & Associates



Bill Becker

Susan Fox

Diane Garcia

Lorraine Gotelli

Ken Grady

Ken Hoegger

Mike Kennedy

Elise Liu

Nancy McDonald

Dolores McGill

Liz McLoughlin

William Mischak

Aliseo Pontonieri

Eli Pontonieri

Silvano Pontonieri

Tina Saravia

Sue Schneider

Tom Seagrave

Phil Thurman

Charley Vasko

All other yet un-named!


Paul Dachauer, AIA

Nick Elsner

Pat Holland

Rich & Anne Hughes

Steve Kalpakoff

Paul Kim

Nick Lucas

Brendan Penny

Jimmy O'Loughlin

Fred Ochoa

Gabino Ramirez

Phil Saunders

John Schmidt

Javier Rodriguez


Department of Public Works

Holland Plumbing Works

Hughes Construction

Archdiocese of San Francisco

AAA Painting

Lukas Stained Glass

O'Grady Plumbing

Atlantic Plastering & Stucco

The Window & Door Shop

Mexico City Iron Works

Acme Roofing

Automated Services & Products

Tree Pruning

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