Dedication - May 22, 2005

We are very grateful to all those whose generous financial contributions helped to make the dream a reality. In addition to those listed below, we received many, many contributions both large and small from anonymous donors. To God be the Glory!


Jack Alter & Cathe Smeland & Family

Dorle Gross

Katherine P. O'Connor

Martha Ayoub


Berta S. Hees


Christina O'Hearne

Pat & Bill Becker

Patricia Hernandez

Rose O'Leary

Norm Berryessa


Ken & Kathy Hoegger


Frances M. Peterson

Margaret & Chris Bogan

Joan & Joe Humphreys

Jorge Portugal

Dianne Bolotte & Kay Cavagnaro

John Hutzler


Mary Purpura & Paolo Pontoniere

Edith & Fred Bucoy

Marlene Olivencia & Tom Johnson

Mark Reedy

Patricia and Michael Busk

Robert Johnson

Toni & Ike Rios

Joan & Leo Carew


Harriett & Tim Kelley


Diane Rivera


Claire Carew

Carrie LaBriola

Javier Rodriguez

Michael Casey

Ralph & Joan Lane

Helen Rosario

Patrick Biesty,


Rich Lang


Benjamin C. Sanchez

Catholic Kopling Soc. of America

Judy Laxen


Werner Schmidt

Joy Walsh & Joe Cline


David & Christine Lee


Susan Schneider

Margery Cunningham

Judy Liteky

Rev. Thomas L. Seagrave

Susan Tomaro & Mark DeLucchi

Charles Raaberg & Annette Lomont

Marie Shapiro

Deanne & Gerry Donnellan


Stephanie Mischak Lyons


Kathy & John Shiels

Mary Donnelly

Diane Havlir & Arturo Martinez

Josephine Small

Rosemary Donovan


Michel Marty


M. Andrea Soria

Karen & Christopher Duderstadt

Susanne Keaveney Maruoka

Victoria Tedder

Nancy Dumont


Nancy & Jim McDonald


Phil Thurman

Susan Fox


Dolores McGill


Trust Funds Incorporated

Paula & Gary Fracchia


Liz McLoughlin


Dodie & Charlie Vaszko

Maureen & Don Francis

Dr. Joan Minninger

Jacqueline Ventura

Dave Freitas


John D. Moriarty


Christine Wachsmuth

Ethel & Robert Friedrichs


Marilyn & Jay Morrissey


Michael Watson

Lynn and Brian Gagan

Jan Mortenson

The Wilsey Foundation

Patricia Gideon

Hillary Namnaht

Ali & George Yavorsky

Lorraine Gotelli


Ngoan Van Le & Hao Thuy Nguyen

Marie Giarratana & Howard Young

Judy & Ken Grady

Mary O'Connor

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